???? Playground 1v1s Against Subs Live!!! *700+ Wins! 12k+ Kills* (!giveaway) @2k SUBS ????


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Just a young kid with a dream to inspire others and make others happy and connect with my fans, hope to make it big and get my family what they deserve!

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q). How old are you? A). 16
Q). How long have you been playing fortnite for? A). since season 2
Q). How long have you been playing PC for? A). About 4-5 months now
Q). How tall are you? A). 6'4"
Q). How long have you been streaming for all together? A). About 2 years started around 2016-2017
Q). When did you start youtube? A). I started my first channel sometime in december back in 2011, but I started this channel back on Mar 25, 2015
Q). What keyboard and mouse do you use? A). Logitech g910 & Logitech g520
Q). Do you make money from streaming or youtube? A). No
Q). Who's your favorite artist? A). Logic
Q). When did you start playing stretched res? A). Tuesday November 13, 2018
Q). When did you start playing games? A). I started playing games since I was a little kid, don't recall exactly but if I had to say I would say probably around 3-5 years old.

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