11 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good


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11 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good
There's something about a special home scent. You're not always totally aware it's there, but when you walk into a room that has a certain smell, you're immediately hit with a memory of a time or place. To create that effect in your home, you first have to eliminate any foul smells. Next, use these tricks to make your house smell good instantly.

1. Flowers
This is a old favourite but still one of the best, Buy a bouquet of flowers and leave them on your counter, dining room table or coffee table – not only are they pretty to look at, but they will also make the room smell great!
2. Clean With lemon juice
Did you know you can clean with lemon juice? You can use it to clean the shower and remove soap scum and limescale, as well as combine lemons with baking soda to clean the toilet, and leave your house smelling lemony and fresh!
Have you ever noticed a musty, wet-dog scent while taking a shower? Shower drains are always susceptible to mold and contributes to the the musty smell that fills the air at the beginning of your shower. Create a natural and refreshing scent by hanging some eucalyptus sprigs in you shower. The hot water and steam causes the eucalyptus to release essential oils into the air, making your bathroom smell like a 5-star spa!
4. Bake Something
Bake some delicious cookies, brownies or cake, and your house will not only smell great for any guests you’re having over, but you also get the bonus of having cookies or cake to eat!

5. Burn, Spray, and Smoke Out the Smell
Candles, natural air sprays, incenses, are excellent weapons against bad smells. These products are the strong and fast way to bring some lovely fragrances into your home. However, to keep from being stifled by too much perfume, it is best to make sure all the scents are the same, or at least complementary. Too many different fragrances and your home will smell like a potpourri factory.

6. Boil Cinnamon
This is a super easy method which works just as well as a room spray, doesn’t contain any dangerous additives, is cheap and doesn’t involve going out and buying anything (assuming you’ve got cinnamon in your house). Simply add a couple of cinnamon sticks or sprinkling of cinnamon to a saucepan full of water, and bring to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes until the smell disperses throughout your home. If you’ve got a large house, you can even carefully carry the pan around to different rooms and let the smell evaporate in each room for a bit.
7 open a window
You know the old classics. Open your windows. Take out your trash. Clean your toilet. It seems pretty simple but it works
The simplest trick is to simply open a window or door and let some fresh air in, especially when the weather is nice. Sunlight also helps kill smells, so let some light in when it’s sunny out.
8. Make Your Own Room Spray
You can make a super easy air freshener spray out of lime juice, water and baking soda, which neutralizes smells and will leave your house smelling great! It’s not expensive to make and it’s completely natural.
9Potpourri – Using natural dry ingredients, create a fantastic and wonderful smelling potpourri in no time at all. Once mixed, place it in bowls and spread them about your home.
10Easy Natural Air Freshener.
Gather some pine cones on your next nature excursion (how many is really up to you). Add a couple drops of your favorite scented essential oil (cinnamon, for example, is a lovely seasonal scent for the upcoming fall). Place pine cones in a basket, and breathe deeply. Mmmmm…
11 homemade reed diffusers
Make the entire room smell divine with some essential oil reed diffusers, flavor of your choice of course.
Although you may need to go out and buy some new ingredients, you can also make your own reed diffuser oil and candles at home. For reed diffuser oil, add a few drops of your favorite scent of essential oil (being careful not to let essential oil touch your bare skin) to a carrier oil like almond oil, then put in a narrow-necked glass bottle with reeds. Make sure you keep it out of reach of small children and pets.
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