Beautiful Broken (Original Song by Mark Pearce & Leon Hillier)


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Hello World,
Lantern-Tree Theatre Group is a free membership community organisation based in the Hastings and Robertsbridge area of the UK. We offer creative opportunities to people from all walks of life, whilst breaking down obstacles to inclusion such as affordability, transport and individual needs. Our group have just begun an exciting new chapter. We are now creating our own original songs, with an ambition towards the making of music videos which will be showcased on Youtube, plus made accessible across our groups facebook pages. We would now like to share with you the first step of this venture, our song The Beautiful Broken. The lyrics have been posted below, as well. We hope you enjoy our work, and if you think that you might like to get involved in future projects please email Leon Hillier at

Words © 2019 Leon Hillier
Melody © 2019 Leon Hillier & Mark Pearce
Arrangement and Production - Mark Pearce
Instruments Performed by Mark Pearce

Singers: Tanisha Eastoe Hannah Wilcox Val Kent Crystal Greenfield Sophie Chisholm Leon Hillier Mark Pearce Ryan Cutting

Beautiful Broken (Words © 2019 Leon Hillier)

The beautiful broken
Are forging their wings of steel,
That steel which is all aspiration that falls
From the whirl of the wheel.

They’re picking it up
And starting again
Once more there’ll be women
Once more there’ll be men
Who know how to build
Something out of the truths
That they say and they feel.

Chorus (The Government)
Plough on with sore hands
March on with your aching feet
And care for our land
See all mistakes as defeat.
When late you get home
If you’re not too tired to speak
Here’s a box for your vote
Don’t forget that you’re weak.

The words left unspoken
Are suffocating us.
But we must press on, we daren’t rock the boat
No we daren’t make a fuss.

If someone speaks up
In the gutter they’ll land,
Then who will be there
To hold Gladys’ hand
Go on with the anthem
There’s no time to fight
In the system we trust.

Repeat chorus- The Government

This isn’t opinion,
Everyone sing this song,
The work is hard,
The carers are skilled,
The wage is wrong

Carers’ Chorus-
This isn’t opinion,
Everyone sing this song,
The work is hard,
The carers are skilled,
The wage is wrong
(Carers’ Chorus continues beneath the following.)

Good Leader-
A culture of blame
No legal aid
Many good workers start their shifts feeling afraid.
If we don’t start
To make it fair
Then we won’t get the best of people working in care.
Bureaucracy is much to blame
The most productive of the staff will feel the shame.
The top will take
Large salaries
Yet will not give those working the floor the tools they need.

Yet still there is hope
If companies changed their ways
Then happier homes
Would lead on to brighter days
Let’s meet heart to heart
And champion care for all
Make this about love
And break down this wall.
Make home theater

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