Cringeworthy Article From 1958 Reveals ‘129 Ways To Get A Husband’


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Cringeworthy Article From 1958 Reveals ‘129 Ways To Get A Husband’

If there’s one thing that is constant is the world around us, it’s the fact that things are constantly changing. We may feel as if everything is going along quite nicely and suddenly, our thinking may be completely out of date. It can sometimes land us in hot water or at the very least, in a very difficult and frustrating situation. That is especially true if you are doing more than looking back just a few years and you are looking back half a century.
What would you do if someone asked you to describe what was taking place in the 1950s? You don’t really have to have lived in the 1950s in order to understand that there were interesting things taking place. The Cold War was ramping up between the United States and Soviet Union and we were venturing into outer space for the first time in history. Another interesting thing about the 1950s is how the magazines were advising women to seduce men. Really?
One woman came across an interesting copy of a 1958 McCall’s magazine. In that magazine, an article entitled ‘129 ways to get a husband’ caught her eye. She decided to share it, and it is every bit as good as you would expect.
Kim Marx-Kaczynski
I bought a McCall's magazine from 1958 because the cover advertised an article titled "129 Ways to Get a Husband" and it did not disappoint. The whole list is littered with WTF but my personal favorite (#40) has had me randomly busting into laughing fits since read it three days ago.


1. Get a dog and walk it.
2.Have your car break down at strategic places.
3. Attend night school-take courses men like.
4.Join a hiking club.
5.Look in the census reports for places with the most single men. Nevada has 125 males for every 100 females.
6.Read the obituaries to find eligible widowers.
7. Take up golf and go to different golf courses.
8.Take several short vacations at different places rather than one long one at one place.
9.Sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons.
10. Take a bicycle trip through Europe.
11. Get a job in a medical, dental or law school.
12.Become a nurse or an air-line stewardess - they have
very high marriage rates.
13. Ask your friends' husbands who the eligible men are in their offices.

129 ways to get a husband Continued from page 29
14 Be nice to everybody-they may have an eligible brother or son.
15 Get a government job overseas.
16 Volunteer for jury duty.
17 Be friendly to ugly men-handsome is as handsome does.
18 Tell your friends that you are interested in getting married. Don't keep it a secret.
19 Get lost at football games.
20 Don't take a job in a company run largely by women.

21 Get a job demonstrating fishing tackle in a sporting goods store. 22 On a plane, train or bus don't sit next to a woman-sit next to a man.
23 Go to all reunions of your high school or college class. There may be widowers there.
24 Don't be afraid to associate with more attractive girls; they may have some leftovers.
25 Go back to your home town for a visit--the wild kid next door may have become a very eligible bachelor while you were away.
26 Don't room with a girl who is a sad sack and let her pull you down to her level.
27 Get a part-time job in a convention bureau.
28 Change apartments from time to time.
29 When traveling, stay at small hotels where it is easier to meet strangers.
30 Learn to paint. Set up easel outside engineering school.
31 Stumble when you walk into a room that he's in.
32 Forget discretion every once in a while and call him up.
33 Carry a hatbox.
34 Wear a Band-Aid. People always ask what happened.
35 Make a lot of money.
36 Learn several funny stories and learn to tell them well-but make sure you don't tell them to him more than once. 37 Walk up to him and tell him you need some advice.
38 Dropping the handkerchief still works.
39 Have your father buy some theater tickets that have to be got rid of.
40 Stand in a corner and cry softly, Chances are good that he'll come over to find out what's wrong.
41 Don't let him fish for your name the next time you meet. None of this "guess who" stuff.

42 If you're at a resort have the bellboy page you.
43 Buy a convertible. Men like to ride in them.
44 Learn how to bake tasty apple pies. Bring one in to the office and let the eligible bachelors taste it.
45 Laugh at his jokes.
46 If there's a wallflower among the men you know, why not cultivate him? For all you know, he may be a diamond in the rough.

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