Dumb Things About 'The Purge' Everyone Just Ignored


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The Purge franchise is set in a world where every year, for one night only, all crime is legal. Of course, given a premise like that, it’s full of stuff that just does not make sense. Here are dumb things in the Purge movies people just ignored.
Consider, if you will, mother nature and her sprawling variety of birds of prey, each specialized in a certain field to the point of near perfection. There's the Harris’s hawk, one of the few avian predators that hunts in a pack. There's the red-tailed hawk, adaptable to almost any climate in the continental United States.
And of course, there is the Ethan Hawke, a majestic creature shown in The Purge to be an expert in home defense. As a security salesman, he's made a comfortable living knowing his product inside and out. He understands his job so well that he knows exactly what to worry about when a bunch of prep school purgers show up at his home: a battering ram. Maybe a truck with some tow cables to tear down the door. So what are people paying for?
What's the point of a security system that can be taken down by a Jeep with a winch on the one night of the year when everybody's mom has a Punisher battle van? Think about how often we see Purgers driving souped-up deathmobiles in the rest of the movies. Doesn't it seem like being murder-car-proof would be a pretty necessary selling point for a security system?
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Top-notch security | 0:14
Baby no know | 1:12
Theater kids love to purge | 1:46
Actual anarchy | 2:53
That escalated quickly | 3:47
Rev dread redemption | 4:42
Econ 101 | 5:42
Tony Hawk's Purge Skater 2 | 6:42
GPS bullets seem super breakable | 7:20
How were you not in prison already? | 8:26
My pearls! | 9:17
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