Home Audio PROBLEM Areas!!! Where to Apply Acoustic Foam Treatment & Bass Traps For Standing Waves


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Let's uncover some common PROBLEMS with a new home theater room, shall we!?!? This video will break down what steps we'll take when treating the ideal space with cheap acoustic foam panels and bass traps. Get ready for more videos and remember to subscribe :)

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DIY Standing Speaker Tower (BUILD LOG VIDEO)

THE ORIGINAL Blurb (from 2015)
These "do it yourself" cabinets were originally designed as passive bipole speakers; when 2 sets of drivers are mounted opposite one another, whose frequencies are played IN PHASE with one another (unlike dipole enclosures which play out of phase) But plans changed, so we made this design. Going the floor standing route also freed up having to make a stand, or multiple stands. So in the end, we chose a combination of sealed and ported chambers for optimum sound quality. Porting to the front also allowed us to locate the speaker against a wall. Additional bracing and acoustic foams was added to prevent the ports from having unwanted high frequency resonance, like that annoying echo we all dislike. Especially bass frequencies. The double baffle also helped with this. And with our 4 chamber setup, each partition doubled with mdf panels as braces - making the box extremely inert, and fully dampened. Each is driver crossed over on a Behringer DCX2496 active crossover, and the xover points change according to how I feel that day :D The listening room is well, less than perfect - but still a good space for playing demo trailers, movies and music. However, during testing, distinguished standing waves were noticed in 3 places throughout the area. These types of issues, comb filtering especially, are the greatest and most difficult problems small rooms encounter. Thus, it's very smart to have plans built around the specific geometry of a room. That's the only way to build a high end home audio cabinet, after all, rooms place affect sound even more than speakers do! Stay tuned this week as we learn how to build custom DIY speaker grills and apply with neodymium magnets! The grill will help keep her clean. Hope you enjoyed the Tutorial :D

More Tutorial & Before and After Treatment Videos Coming!

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