How To Advertise On Google -2019 Update! 100% Free Google Ads Tutorial


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Welcome to the Google ads training. In this video, you're gonna learn how to set up a successful Google ads campaign.

We're using the new ad manager, which is So all of this information and the how to and the screenshots you're going to follow are extremely up to date.

To run Google Ads, you will need to do keyword research:

Huge shout out to Shaun who helped me put this all together. This presentation and this training would not be available without his help.

Now one other mention here, we are going to set up Google's equivalent of a Facebook conversion campaign.

One of the reasons I personally love Facebook advertising is the ability to leverage their machine learning on their users.

Well, Google has built out a very similar system and that's exactly what you're going to learn here today is to how to create a conversion campaign in Google where Google will go find you the segments of your audience that Google feels has the highest likelihood to convert.

You can obviously adapt this for simple pay per click or pay if you want to generate phone calls for a local business.

There's a lot of adaptation you can do. And below in the questions in this forum and in the threads here, you're able to ask your specific questions. If you do have specific questions, Shawn has said he's willing to, to help out in that sense because he is the day in day out guy who works in this and I actually pay him to run my Google ads.

So moving right along, let's get into the big question of who are Google ads for? I think one of the greatest uses for Google ads are for local businesses. Um, plumbers, mechanics, Dui lawyers, any business where time is of the essence.

So a quick example for you. If you come home from your, at the theater and you come home from a movie and you find out that your water heater exploded, what are you going to do?

What is normal user behavior in that situation? You pull the phone out of your pocket and you Google emergency plumber or 24 hour plumber, right?

You just straight go to Google and whatever shows up first in Google is going to get that phone call. And that is what Google ads can offer for local businesses. And that's what I mean by when time is of the essence, right?

Your car breaks down. What do you do?

You go to Google and you look for a mechanic.

You get a Dui and don't get a Dui people, what do you do?

You go look for the person who can help.

And this is really the shortcut to the first page. The other side is really for niche physical products and local services.

So solar panel installers, dual pane windows, kitchen remodels, or really niche things like organic hemp tee shirts.

Google allows us to really target our audience members based on their awareness level and how do we know what their awareness level is through the actual keyword phrases that they're searching.

So we can actually identify highly aware buyer intent, keyword phases with ads and make sure our messaging for our best products get in front of the best possible audience.

That's what Google does for us. So why do you want to run Google ads? Again, it's the ultimate shortcut to get to the page one of the search engine results for your most valuable keyword phrases.

It will allow you to quickly drive traffic and leads to a local business, whether that's your business or if you're offering local marketing services.

This can be a great compliment to SEO services because oftentimes you'll find that SEO services can take three months to six months to start generating results, but business owners and honestly humans in general, we're impatient creatures, right?

We like that instant gratification, so this is a way for you to get on and start to drive leads quickly, get that phone ringing and get them the experience of wow, this new service providers bringing in leads quick.

I really like this. Quick side note, there's a lot of hundred dollar coupons available for Google ads. For new customers. Google is very willing to give $100 away for free for new customers.

So if you are doing the local business services kind of process, when you verify an new business through the Google my business process, which is taught in the forums, uh, generally you'll get a $100 coupon, you can run for that client right then and there.

Um, back in the day we used to be able to buy a hundred dollar coupon codes off of Fiverr for like five bucks, not 100% sure if that still works. You got to read through the reviews and look through it, but there is a second hand market for those as well.

A great way for you to really get some traction for a new client based on a coupon and you could maybe get them onto a $300, which would be $10 a day kind of pay per click program while you're also building out their SEO. So they get the instant gratification and you get to look good and that's really key to keeping them long term.
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