How To Design A Home Theater


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How to Design A Home Theater Room - In this video we go over some really basic tips for room layout, and theater design.

Often times when we design a theater, the room is pretty well set. The architect has already created the room, the builder has framed it, and we just have to maximize the space we've been given.

But when you are able to design the theater up front, you can do some really fun things to optimize the Theater, Surround Sound and viewing experience.

Most of us, start by selecting the largest Projector Screen we can possibly fit in the room. That's understandable because we all enjoy a big picture, but that's usually not the best way to design a theater.

When you go through certification like THX, you learn that all the different pieces of a theater are sort of connected, and they all affect one another.

Most experts will tell you to start by selecting the location for the 'Cash Seat' or the primary seat in the theater for the best viewing experience.

With the Cash Seat located, you can make decisions about the proper screen size and format, and then choose a projector that has the throw distance and brightness for that screen.

And of course, the surround sound has a lot to do with the optimum seating position. So everything is in play.

In this video, I give you a simple intro into designing your own Theater Room. Hope you enjoy!

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