How To Install Acoustic Foam Panels w/ NO ECHO | Home Theater Sound Treatment Setup BEFORE and AFTER


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Time to get rid of the annoying room echo inside the home theater setup! Thanks to our fancy new acoustic foam panels from SoundAssured, now all those unwanted reflections won't be so loud and direct. Much LESS echoing! And... ZERO MESS or drywall damage ontop of that :) The treated space sounds crisp and uncluttered, great for projects where mastering or listening in a living room type space. Come check out the testing comparison with full before and after test on today's DIY reverb reduction process!!! Thanks for watching :)

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For today's video we'll be trying to find normal solutions to reduce echos and improve the acoustics for our home audio setup. But the kicker, damaging the walls is NOT ALLOWED. Remember a couple weeks ago when we talked about all the different target areas inside this room, and how the space itself sounds kinda echoey? Well, today we're going to change all that. WITHOUT fancy tools either. We'll tackle all the important spots like upper corners, ceiling, and side walls, and attach 3" foam sound treatment panels from SoundAssured. Let's just hope these dang windows don't give us any grief. Stupid things are literally right in the way.

Sound Proofing Method Used: Wedge & Pyramid Shaped Diffusion / Absorption

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