How to make Basking area for turtle at home DIY Turtle Basking Area - 100% Cheap!


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If you are new to turtles you may have heard a few words pop up that you are unfamiliar with.

One of the more common ones, a turtle dock, plays an integral part in the life and health of pet turtles.

What is a Turtle Basking Area?
Essentially, a turtle docking station is an object, usually in aquariums and tanks, onto which a turtle climbs onto to bask in the sun or underneath a heat lamp.

To understand why a turtle needs a turtle docking station, we need to first understand why a turtle basks.

Basking refers to when a turtle lays on a dry surface to soak up some sun rays.
Turtles bask for a number of reasons.

First, turtles are what are known as poikilothermic animals, which means that their internal body temperature can fluctuate very wildly. That’s quite different from us endotherms. We have more or less stable body temperatures independent of the outside environment.

The biggest natural advantage to an animal being poikilothermic, is that a hotter internal temperatures allows the animal to speed up its metabolism and become more active, whereas a colder internal temperature allows that same metabolism to slow down, and allow it to hibernate or brumate (turtle hibernation).

So, dependent upon what time of the year it is, a turtle will need to come out and bask in the sunshine to speed up its metabolism

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