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James' Sister Ship is Sister Sinking after the scandal between Tati and James.
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What happened?

- Tati is calling out James Charles on his toxic behaviors and how she and her husband literally helped him get where he is today.
How they helped him:
- Her husband is involved in entertainment contracts and the industry. When he was just starting out, her husband took the time to go over his contract and was to get Charles a pay jump of $90 a video to $2500 a video in revenue.
- She thought so much of him starting out at just 17 that she flew him to her wedding and paid for his hotel and let him do her makeup.
- Every opportunity she got she promoted his discount code for Morphe (a cosmetics chain). This allowed James to earn bonus money via a percentage of sales of beauty products.
- Tati heavily promoted his eyeshadow palette.
- She gave him advice at literally all hours of the night, especially when other YouTube drama went down.
- Tati owns a beauty vitamin company and asked James if he wanted to help promote the brand. She respected his wishes when he declined citing his young subscription base.

His toxic behavior:
- As the money came in, he repeatedly was influenced and intoxicated by the “influencer” status that he gained. One instance was that James Charles was invited to Tati’s birthday dinner and he talked explicitly about doing sexual things while her parents (and his) and childhood friends were at the table. - - - Tati had to call everyone the next morning and apologize for his remarks.
That same dinner, he repeatedly was making sexual remarks and hitting on the straight waiter. When
- Tati called him out for it, he said “I’m a celebrity, I can do whatever I want”.
Despite rejecting her beauty vitamin promotion, Charles signed on with another company that was a direct rival, Sugar Bear. He promoted essentially the same product as Tati’s and cashed in other perks like Coachella tickets for him and his friends.
- When confronted by Tati about this business betrayal, he shrugged it off and never gave her a formal explanation or apology.
- Tati called out his parents, specifically his mother who helped to enable to his behavior.

(write-up thanks to Reddit user /u/speech-geek)
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