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Scheduling a live show for Patreon Partners having to do with many of the topics of videos that I upload on YouTube. I may be looking at a 9 PM Eastern or maybe a afternoon show around 12 PM or 1 PM. Because this is a new show that it will be only available to Patreon supporters I will be asking for some inputs from the supporters what is the best time they believe the show should be air. The show could be between one hour to three hours long depending on what I’m talking about and the amount of people who are interested are on Patreon. The show will be air from YouTube into Patreon and it will be through Patreon that you will be able to gain access to the show. So you would have the same chat box when the show is live so you can chat, ask questions, or talk to one another.

Show your interests on the show today by joining my six seal news talk Patreon link is below;

To all my regular subscribers and viewers, please understand the reasons why I have put the live show on Patreon, it so that I am able to raise funding to help the channel and me and my family.

Thank you for understanding and God bless.

James J. T is

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God bless …

James J. Tsidkenu

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