Review: BenQ TK800M 4K HDR video projector for home theatre


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Projector, flatscreen. Projector, flatscreen? Which to choose to upgrade your home theatre? If you’re going for movie theatre-level experience in your home, you’re probably leaning towards a projector. After all, that’s what those massive movie houses show their Hollywood blockbusters on to get the biggest, brightest and best video picture.

These days, great quality video is all about 4K resolution, and projectors can also deliver this ultra high definition format. I recently had the opportunity to test out a new projector from BenQ; the 4K BenQ TK800M. I also tried out the TK800 a few months ago, and you can check out that review here also.

In this article we’ll also take a look at the differences between these two projectors, but we’ll focus mainly on what the BenQ TK800M is designed to do for you.

Setting up BenQ TK800

Much like the TK800, setting this projector up is pretty easy. Connect it to power, then connect your peripheral of choice. I chose to use a Roku 4K Media Streamer. From there, turn it on and watch the picture pop up.

Sound quality from TK800M internal speaker

Now is a good time to touch on the speaker quality and sound. I find it a bit silly BenQ is trying to pass off a tiny, 5 watt internal speaker as something that’s going to dazzle you.

BenQ says the speaker is housed in a “resonant sound chamber for deep bass and soaring highs” that will deliver ”pure clarity and sensual sound quality as used by Hollywood studios…. Without distortion.”
I say… give me a break.

If you’re dropping this kind of money on a projector for your home theatre, you’re also the type of person who understands you need your audio quality to match the video, so you definitely need some kind of external speakers to get any kind of joy from this machine.

The internal speaker does sound ok, but it’s very mono sounding, somewhat tinny, and there’s no bass to speak of. “Sensual sound quality.” As described by BenQ? Definitely not. You definitely need to connect it to a proper sound system.

Differences between BenQ TK800 and TK800M

There are some differences between this projector and the TX800… but they seem rather small and probably irrelevant to the average consumer. These are the kind of specs that videophiles and technicians will be interested in but they’re largely behind the scenes as far as most regular Janes and Joes will be concerned. But let’s take a look…

There are a couple of small differences; the throw ratio is slightly different; the TK800 has a throw ratio of 1.47-1.76 (100”@10.67ft) while the TK800M’s throe ratio is 1.50-1.65(100”@10.89ft). Now as an average consumer, I don’t know what that really means, and even after reaching out toBenQ on social and via their media folks, I couldn’t get an answer.

The zoom effect on each of these projectors is also different though the difference is small. The TK800 has a 1.2X zoom, while the TK800M has 1.1X zoom. HDR is also slightly different; TK800 has HDR 10 while the TK800M has HDR10/HLG. Again, what any of that is supposed to mean to you, the average consumer is a mystery. BenQ’s quote is, “Supercharged by HDR10 and HLG support with BenQ exclusive projector-optimized HDR, TK800M’s high dynamic range performance offers greater brightness, contrast range, and image optimization in a single step, bringing out every detail in 4K video content for superior cinema enjoyment,” so I guess you’ll see a brighter, better quality image.

The colour gamut is also pretty similar; the TK800 gives you 93% colour volume while the TK800M improves that to 96%,

These two projectors are both billed heavily towards sports fans.
Otherwise, these projectors look almost identical.

Overall review of BenQ TK800

If you’re looking for a great quality home theatre projector, you’ll be really happy with this projector.

The colour, resolution and detail is outstanding. My chief complaints are around the switching of settings; it takes a long time—sometimes up to 6 seconds for changes to take effect on the screen, so it makes the projector feel laggy. The speaker also does not live up to the BenQ hype.

But the video quality is really, really great.
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