Rockville RHT28 28 Inch Bookshelf Speaker Stands (How to Setup & Review)


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The Rockville RHT28 28 Inch Bookshelf Speaker Stands is like the little brother of the RHTSB which is our 36 inch tall bookshelf speaker stands: The only difference between these two stands is an obvious one: the heigh difference! The RHT28 is 28 Inches tall whereas the RHTSB is 36 Inches tall. Why would you want a shorter speaker stand? Its all about the room you are putting them in, and the speakers you are putting on top of them. In the home use application If your entertainment center is lower to the ground you don’t want your speakers to be towering over your TV, you always want to keep the speakers ear level from where you are sitting, either on your couch, or your favorite recliner. The same goes for Studio Monitors, you want them to be ear level, especially if you are mixing so you can get a true representation of the sound. That’s where finding the perfect size speaker stands are important. After you’ve deteremined the perfect size for your speaker stand, the next step is to determine the type of floor you are putting it on. We include two sets of isolation spikes: metallic and rubber. The rubber spikes should be used for hardwood floors, tiles, and vinyls, and the Metallic spikes should be used for carpets and rugs. Also included with each pair of stands is a large top plate, and a small top plate. We included both so that you can have the flexibility to put all size of speakers on the stands. We recommend using the small top plate if your speaker is 6.5 inches or smaller, and we recommend using the large top plate for anything over 6.5 inches. The material of the stand is MDF wood, most companies that make stands like this cheap out and use Particle board for the wood. We decided to use MDF wood because it is a denser wood that reduces any resonance you might get from a speaker especially at loud volumes. We also use an empty body design for the center load bearing beam so that you have the option of putting sand or another substance in the middle to add even more stability and security. IN this case just make sure you use super dry Sand, or the moisture will deteriorate the wood! The wood is finished with a black color that extenuates the rich details of the wood, which make the stands as much as a conversation piece as the speakers you put on top of them. This stand is both decorative and functional which makes it the perfect solution for your home theater setup or for your professional studio use!

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