Simple Inventions You Can MAKE At Home!


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7. Duct Tape Hammock
Duct tape can really get her done! There are quite a few things you can make from simply duct tape and everyday items. Have you considered buying a hammock to relax in but only noticed that they seem way overpriced! Any possible problem you might have can ultimately be solved if you got yourself some handy dandy duct tape! In possibly one of the most redneck inventions of all time, the duct tape hammock, should be sturdy enough to fit yourself. For this, you need about 3 rolls of duct tape, some wooden rods and some rope to help secure it on the tree. You’ll need to need to weave at least two layers but you might need an extra layer if you want it to hold up aunt betty and uncle jimbo.

6. Homemade Body Armor
You never know when the next zombie apocalypse might occur and you might consider making some type of body armor to ensure that you don’t get bit! This invention comes from prison in order to protect oneself from shank attacks so it might work well in various scenarios. One of the best ways to achieve a simple form of body armor is to get some duct tape and tape a few magazines over a shirt, one magazine for the chest and another one for the back. If you have a long sleeve shirt, you can roll a magazine over your forearms and tape it in place. While it won’t stop a bullet, it could at least reduce damage from a knife stab or a paintball. This photo here shows another interesting design which utilizes useless pennies for protection

5. Toilet Paper Roll Speakers
This invention includes fitting your phone inside a set of toilet paper roll tubes in order to give it that amplified sound were all looking for when we’re trying to get our drink on! If you’re looking some smooth beats on a budget, this is certainly a way you could choose to go! Not only does it just look straight up creative, the cardboard only really muffles the sound and no amplification is produced. Most of the time you would simply throw this stuff away so why not make some good use to it by recycling! This guy even added a few cups to see it would make it louder.You can actually get somewhat better noise by placing your phone in a bowl, but either way, you won’t be impressing anyone with this invention but let the results do the talking.

4.Makeshift Microwave
Ever wish you could bring a microwave with you on your camping trip? It would make life so much easier. For this next one all you need is a cereal box, aluminum foil and a sunny day. First you want to cut the cereal box so it can open. Aluminum foil has been known to help people get tans and normally it’s not something you want to put in your microwave. But this time it’s okay. Wrap inside with aluminum foil and wrap the inner part of the box as well. When your done, it should look something like this. Place the food inside, and give it quite a bit of time but the solar power will cook your food. It’s best to try something like a grilled cheese sandwich before possibly using it to cook meat from the giant bear you hunted with your bare hands.

3. Makeshift Oil Lamp
Staying warm in the wilderness is always important. Unfortunately, you're not going to find any air conditioners or heating devices in the forest besides bears that might be willing to cuddle with you. Instead, you're going to need to use fire. You didn’t pack any candles with you but for some reason you happen to have some olive oil, a lighter, a kleenex and an empty coke can. This is actually all you need. Pour the coke can about halfway full of olive oil, insert your kleenex, and light it on fire. This will actually burn a lot longer than you would think. And there you have it! Your italian oil lantern.

2. Ipad Stand Coat hanger
Many of us would like a way to properly position our Ipad so that when we're watching netflix, it can almost act as a television. Possibly the best way to achieve this is by creating a homemade coat hanger Ipad stand. For this intriguing invention, you might want to get a pair of pliers. First you’ll want to fold it in half, straighten out the sides and the hook part of the hanger, so it almost looks like a peace sign. Then you want to bend the edges and fit the hook part so it end s up looking somewhat like a pyramid. You can also checkout megalodon1’s youtube page for a step by step tutorial.
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