Time for Chris to Demo the bathroom at Eastpointe home, THE SHEA SHOW


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I'm sorry if I came across frustrated towards the end, but I'm human and sometimes things can get the best of you and make you have one of those moments, I've been though so much in such a short time, but I remain Shea Strong against the odd's.

On my way home from EastPointe, after my little rant, my van cut off right in the middle of rush hour traffic, I said Lord, NOW WHAT. it's dark and all these cars have to go around me, and they are hitting their horns, it's like wow, I'm saying, damn, do you guys think I'm sitting here in the middle of the street in the dark and cold because i don't have nothing else to do??

So I called AAA road service and they said it will be about a hour before i get service, again, I said, DAMN. I get safely out the car and walk to White castle to warm up,,, then I notice a car pull to the side and start running towards my van,,, I said Damn,, Pookie trying to see what's in my stranded vehicle.

I quickly ran out and Yelled, HEYYYY, WHAT'S UP, WHAT YOU NEED. It was a little white guy and he said, just trying to help, I can help you push it out of traffic, I said, thanks, I appreciate that. Once we got it to the side, I said thank you so much, what do I owe you for helping me.

He said, have a blessed night sir, and got in his car and left,, I'm so use to helping others, that it felt strange for someone to stop and help me,,, I was really grateful.

again, thank you guys so much for your support and love, it really keeps me going, even when I don't want to.
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